Car Accident Compensation

Commonly, car accidents result in personal injuries, disabilities, death, property damages, or psychological damages. Having identified your injuries after the car accident, the next step in gaining back what you lost can sometimes be overwhelming or unclear. Car Accident Helpline has No Win No Fee car accident lawyers that are here to listen to your situation and offer their expertise.

What You Can Claim Compensation for

Some common examples for what you can claim compensation for are:

  • Medical bills to check for injuries or to treat injuries suffered from the car accident and any future medical expenses that can arise
  • Any income lost from loss of earning capacity, including superannuation
  • Loss in quality of life, for example, suffering from pain or impairment
  • Home and car modification and attendant care expenses

Steps for Starting a Car Accident Compensation Claim

When you have been injured and not at fault in a car accident as a driver, passenger, or pedestrian, you have the grounds to claim car accident compensation. It will be important to report the car accident to the police, lodge an accident notification and personal injury claim against the insurance company of the negligent driver, and keep any medical records and receipts from the injuries sustained from the car accident. 


If you are starting a car accident compensation claim as a spouse or dependant of a person who sustained a fatal injury in the car accident, it will be important to have the police report reference number, identify the insurer of the at-fault driver, and gather certificates and receipts that prove your claim (death certificate, marriage certificate, receipts for the hospital, legal representation, funeral, and other costs).

If you have not been given or forgot the reference number of the police report, our lawyers can assist you in locating the report.  Contact us now for assistance.

Reporting the Car Accident to the Police

Reporting the car accident to the police provides evidence that your injuries occurred and a summary of information regarding the circumstances around the car accidentWhen a car accident requires the police to attend the scene, insurance companies have the legal right to request the police report.


Circumstances that require police attendance:

  • Damages to public property, for example, street signs, guard rails, and bridges
  • There are hazards on the road, for example, body fluids, acts of aggression, fallen power line, or oil spills
  • You suspect the involvement of drugs, alcohol, or other criminal negligence
  • The driver is refusing to provide their details
  • The driver has an impairment or disability that requires police assistance

Insurers can decline injury claims without a police report. However, when the car accident did not require police assistance, you are not required to provide a car accident report number to your insurer.

Notifying and Making Claims Against the Negligent Driver

You will need to make your claim within 28 days from the date of the car accident where police were required to attend the scene. Otherwise, provide a reason for the delay, or the insurer can deny your claim.


You can also send the at-fault driver a letter of demand expressing the injuries you sustained from the car accident and what payout is expected from them or to face a lawsuit.


Have questions about how to give notice to the insurer or at-fault driver? Contact our lawyers now for answers.

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Keep Your Medical Records and Receipts

When you decide to start the process of a car accident claim, you will need to include your medical certificate, completed by the doctor who treated you. Having a medical certificate can also benefit you in the turn of events where any health issues arise later on, you have evidence to prove your claim. This medical examination or assessment will support your claim and clarify what payment is owing to you in the settlement. Learn more about when to accept a settlement.

No matter what kind of personal injury you have sustained from the car accident, having us as your legal representation can offer you a chance at a better outcome.

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