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Commencing a claim can be a daunting prospect for people who have not previously had to deal with Insurers and Lawyers however we seek to streamline the process so that the uncertainty and mystery is removed.

Our job and the job of our Personal Injury Lawyers is to provide the best possible advice that we can based upon past awards for similar injuries and circumstances.

FAQ About The Car Accident Claims Process in Brisbane and Queensland

You have 9 months following a motor vehicle accident or 1 month after hiring a lawyer to make a compensation claim for any damages to your vehicle, person or property.


There are strict time limits and rules around making a motor vehicle compensation claim, and if you don’t act accordingly, you could miss out on compensation you should be entitled to. 


The court will require a reasonable excuse for the delay. If accepted, then a 3-year limitation period will apply.


To ensure the best outcome to you, contact us for legal support and advice on your situation.

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