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All too often, pedestrians are injured through the inadvertence of drivers. A common cause of accident is when a pedestrian is crossing a pedestrian crossing and is injured when the driver of the car fails to observe the pedestrian.

There are, however, numerous circumstances under which pedestrians can make claims.

Even if you are walking across a road without a pedestrian crossing, you make be entitled to make a claim If you are struck by a vehicle.

Drivers of vehicles always carry a responsibility to beware of and for the safety of pedestrians and an injured pedestrian may be entitled to make a claim even if they are partially responsible for the accident.

A pedestrian’s claim can include an amount for:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Pain and suffering
  • Medical expenses both past and future
  • Economic loss both past and future
  • Care and assistance if appropriate

At Car Accident Helpline, we offer no win no fee assistance to pedestrians and to all people involved in car accidents or accidents involving any vehicle including jet skis, quadbikes, and boats.

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