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If you are uninsured or have only third party property insurance and are involved in a Motor Vehicle accident in which you are not at fault we can assist you in recovering the costs of repairs for your car, Motor bike, truck etc.

Please contact us and we will provide you with free advice in relation to the recovery process and advise you whether you qualify for our free recovery service which will mean you will pay nothing for our services for recovering your property damage from the other person’s insurer.

You may also be entitled to free hire car service.

We have our own assessors, and we will ensure that you either recover the full cost of repairs to your vehicle or alternativity the best possible market value for your vehicle if it is a write off. You will not be left in the hands of the insurer when it comes to the compensation you receive.

We also offer no win no fee personal injury services to any person who may have been injured in the accident.

What You Can Claim Compensation for

Free recovery of uninsured not a fault car owners for property damage/personal injury claims no win no fee.

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No charge to recover the damage to your car if we are handling your Personal Injury Claim*

*Conditions will apply

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